Taking a Stand

I don't know that I quite understand those people who who are all "IT'S MERRY CHRISTMAS, NOT HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" while, I presume, putting one hand jauntily on their hip and wagging the pointer finger of their other hand back and forth in front of their face sassily before going back to living under the assumption that nobody who is different from them actually counts ever.

I mean, sure Christmas is -a- holiday in this season, but even if you are Christian and we operate under the assumption that as far as you are concerned any of the other religious holidays celebrated around this time can go fuck themselves, at the very least there is still New Years. Unless you are some sort of weird calendar denier, insisting on only saying 'Merry Christmas" is just incorrect logically.

People act as if saying "Happy Holidays" is the equivalent of looking directly into their eyes whist repeatedly punching a baby Jesus doll in the face with a pair of brass knuckles made out of dildos. 

Meanwhile I'm over here desperately trying to avoid eye contact with strangers and going to the other entrance if I see someone with a little bell and a bucket in front of Wal-mart. I guess some people can "keep muh Jesus", others can wish each other a pleasant non-denominational seasonal greeting, and I'll continue to try not to interact with anyone. And so the world keeps turning.