What is Idiot Tantrum?

Idiot Tantrum:  /ˈidēət tantrəm/


An overly verbose, long winded or disproportionately passionate outburst of anger or frustration about something pointless, mundane, or inconsequential.  

"He just ranted about the quality of Ikea furniture instruction booklets for like twenty five minutes. He's throwing a real idiot tantrum today."

Idiot Tantrum is a blog style site dedicated to Chronicling my life as a husband, man-child and aspiring outer space pirate. At it's inception this site was called Adventures in Husbanding, and it started out dedicated entirely to the art of being generally annoying to my wife and then writing about it. While it's still largely about that, I've broadened the content to be more inclusive of pretty much any random stuff I want to do. It allowed me to spend the time I needed on my longer illustrated stories and not feel like I was only posting one thing every two months.

The site currently consists of my *shudder* -blog- Idiot Tantrum. It consists of short journals, comics, pictures, and assorted other format items that detail anything that seems entertaining enough for me to share it.

As time goes on I may branch the site out into other areas. Really it is going to depend on how it develops. I plan to just kind of let things develop organically. If I find myself happy writing short pieces, comics and whatnot for the IT blog I'll just stick to that. Might be I find something I like creating that is different enough to warrant it's own section. If I get really into Himalayan throat singing or something in the future get your ear holes ready for the music section of the site.  

Why Start This Site?

There are a few things that led to me putting this site together. There are of course, the typical things that lead someone to start a blog style website: I enjoy exercising my creativity though things like writing, drawing, and just making things in general, I'm an unrelenting megalomaniac who wants something on the internet that stands as a personal monument to my greatness... you know normal stuff like that.

Why not make a site about something else then? There are literally an infinite amount of things one could make a website about. To list a few: Old people doing water sports, a Batman/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction where Batman is played by Charlize Theron and The Doctor is played by Anna Kendrick, fart jokes, really tiny furniture... the list just goes on. And while any of those would be a fine website concept (oldpeopledoingwatersports.com is available by the way, I checked) I felt like I'd try and stick closer to the chest. 

At the end of the day, there are two things that made me decide to create this site the way it is. As I mentioned before, when I started it, my idea was to only write about married life-related stuff. The idea was that being married, 95% of my life is spent in the company of my wife (the other 5% is like, when I'm pooing and stuff). Pretty much anything interesting that happens in my life involves her in one way or another (with the exception of any particularly noteworthy poos, and even then she has to hear about it). I figured if I was going to keep a running Chronicle of my life, my wife was usually going to be the other main character through all of it anyway. What I discovered was that there was more I wanted to be able to share that didn't directly relate to the original theme I set out. My "husbanding" stories often ended up being much longer, with a lot of illustrations. While I'm proud of them, and they are still my favorite part of the site, they take a long time to complete (weeks if things go smoothly, months if I get stuck on them.) In order to continue creating, I started potting out shorter, more casual posts about random stuff to fill time between longer posts. Many of these still include Emily, or our various married adventures, but it naturally developed into something different that I felt needed a more broadly focused website to live on, thus Idiot Tantrum evolved. Idiot Tantrum is a random phrase I used in a post once that I thought was funny and perfectly summed up what my life is like; just a series of interrelated idiot tantrums. 

The second and most important reason I've decided to do make Idiot Tantrum what it is, is that ultimately this is a project for myself. If this site eventually gets any popularity and gains a following of sorts, great! If, like the countless other blog sites on the internet nobody but me, my mother-in-law, and the fake account I made for my dogs give this site traffic then that's fine too. At it's core my hope is for the act of keeping up with and generating content for this site will always remind me that a marriage and life in general takes constant work, attention and perspective. I think people often settle into a routine and forget to find the zest in their day to day lives. Writing dumb stories about going to the grocery store and my dogs pooping in the house might not exactly seem like the definition of finding zest, but it's a way to find humor and enjoyment out of the mundane. While I'm pretty sure sitting on the couch inserting an entire sleeve of double stuff Oreo's into your face hole while watching seven episodes of Orange is the New Black in a row on Netflix is, like the single biggest advantage to being an adult, letting that be your entire life is how you end up miserable (and diabetic). If I'm going to eat an entire sleeve of Oreo's, I at least want to write a funny story about it.

 I guess what I'm saying here is that Idiot Tantrum is what it is because curating interesting, funny, and meaningful content for a site about life is a pretty good way to keep me focused on bringing my A game to my marriage and my life in general. If we're being honest I managed to get one girl to foolishly enter into a legally binding union with me. The chances I can pull that trick a second time are slim, so I can't balls this one up.

Also that monument to my greatness thing is a big deal. I'm a monster.