Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often will Idiot Tantrum update?

A:The short answer? Whenever I feel like. The longer answer is that I want stuff to come naturally. A lot of the stories that I want to tell in that format come from the amusing anecdotes that you naturally accumulate in life. A lot of them also come from my antics as a hapless lovable character (read: man child). Neither of those are things that can or should be forced just for the sake of a story. Especially that second thing. My poor wife takes my shenaniganery in stride but if I start trying to create antics just for the sake of posting about it not only will she probably hate-murder me to death, but it ruins the spirit of what I want this site to be.

Q: Did you make an entire FAQ section for that one random question?

A: Yes. Yes I did. It's really just so I have something to add to later if I need.