I am Technologically Deficient

So I found out about this lovely site called www.bloglovin.com.

Apparently it is very useful for helping folks find and keep up with sites like this and it came very highly recommended so I thought I would get setup with it.

Long story short, since I have no idea what I'm doing it took me like six hours of faffing about with the thing trying to figure out how to prove to them that I am in fact the curator of this website.

My offer to email them a lot of drawings of butts was apparently not acceptable. 

Anyway, I apparently needed to make a blog post including the link at the top there in order to 
'claim' my blog with their service.

Since I don't want to just put up a pointless entry for the sake of linking that thing here is a different thing as well:


I'm really sorry I made you see that joke.

One more important thing. As part of the giant clusterf*ck that was trying to get this thing to work, I had to alter the web address for my RSS feed. So for those of you that were previously subscribed, you'll have to click the RSS feed button below and subscribe to the new address for the feed.

Sorry for the inconvenience, you may think mean thoughts at me.