New, NEW Layout

Just a quick thing to announce that I've redone the layout of the site again. I've been messing around with it a bunch really trying to get it easier to navigate, more prettier, and generally to look less like it was put together by a fourth grader who is shitty at website layouts.

I've taken the murderin' axe to that whole front page thing so that now you get right to the action when you come here. No more havin' to click your way to the blog for you people, nope, now the content is blasted directly at your eye holes as soon as you hit the site.

Also, I've obviously tried to spruce things up a little bit. The plain black and white with no patterns or color was starting to feel lazy. Don't worry though, I didn't go too crazy with the colors. Number one, I'm not confident enough with my ability to create a color scheme that doesn't look like my myspace page from 2004. Number two we can't have too many colors around here, this is still a manly man website about stuff like beards, bear fightin' and poo jokes. Wouldn't want to compromise my integrity.

Anywhosle, (he said immediately compromising said integrity) As you are clicking about and looking at stuff on the website, please keep a keen eye out for any weird shit or messed up stuff. If there are any layout/design errors (which I'm sure there are because I am terrible at website-ing) that I missed when I was changing over to the new look (which I'm sure I did because I am incredibly unobservant) please point them out to me, possibly in creatively rude ways if the mood strikes you.

Just used that "Email Me" button at the top to tell me how I've personally failed you.

You can also use that button to send me other stuff if you'd like, It's not like I'm sad and lonely or anything. But hey, if you send me something cool I might post it on the site and then you too can have the thrill of four people looking at your thing on the internet, two of whom came here by accident.

More stuff comin this week, for reals. Including a thing that went up today because I messed up and it released today instead of Wednesday. *shrug*