New Layout, Murder, and Things Coming Up!

Two announcements. The first, is that I've redone some layout stuff with the site. The changes are primarily to the way the homepage is set up and presented, but I've also done some other stuff like layout changes to the archives, and the addition of new sections for events and news/announcements.

The second thing is that the Ask a Husband section of the website has been horribly, brutally murdered. I decided that It was pointless to have two separate sections so I've removed that part of the site, and I'm just going to fold those posts into the regular blog.

I've got a couple of emails in reserve for future AaH posts, but I've been having way more fun with the general story/cartoon ones lately so I've just been focused on those.  Plus, I think deep down, I'm having a hard time dishing out advice, even if it is primarily fake, terrible advice. You know it's bad when you're so convinced of how unqualified you are you can't even write an ironic advice column. 

So if you are the one person out there that actually enjoyed the Ask a Husband, one or two may pop up now and again, but sorry, I'm mostly letting that one go.

In any event, hopefully the changes to the site make it more friendly for general browsing, and keep an eye out within the next few days. I'm putting the finishing touches on a whole slew of things that will come out between now and Halloween.