Trump's America: Blizzard to Remove All Support Heroes from Overwatch


In a press release earlier today Blizzard announced that following the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, the Overwatch Dev team will be forced to remove all support heroes from the game within the month.

"Unfortunately heroes such as Mercy, Zenyatta, Lucio and Ana, though wildly popular and a critical part of overall game balance, can no longer be allowed as playable characters in Overwatch," said a representative "as this is now Trump's America, which means nobody gets health care."

In addition to the removal of support classes, it seems heroes with abilities that provide healing to teammates (such as Soldier 76's 'biotic field') will also have those features removed. Abilities like Roadhog's 'take a breather' and Bastion's 'repair' will be remain in game, however.

"In accordance with the new administration's policies, being able to get healing for yourself is fine," the representative elaborated "but the idea that others might also require life saving health care is out of the question."

When asked to comment on the upcoming changes, Tank hero Reinhardt responded "I guess I'll just die." 

Future updates are rumored to include the removal of recent addition Sombra for being "a little bit too brown" as well as all maps being replaced with the map Volskaya.

Also Winston will be removed. You know why.