Idiot Tantrum


What's happening? Where am I? This isn't the site I thought I was going to! I'm confused and scared and maybe just a little bit hungry for curly fries, I should probably go to Arby's later but also what is happening with this site?!

Fear not my easily upset and slightly unfocused friend. You didn't accidentally type one letter in the wrong place when trying to get to this web address and accidentally end up on a weird page that is just a random assortment of links to weird advertisements and possibly pornographic stuff. Adventures in will from this point forward be known as Idiot We've (I've) re-branded ourselves (myself) in celebration of the (almost) one year anniversary of the site. Henceforth this site shall be christened

Nothing about the content is going to change. It's still pretty much going to be shitty cartoon, third grader humor, and stories where my wife gets mad at me for being about as practically useful as a topiary; The site has just been migrated to a new domain with a new web address and title that we (I) feel better fits the spirit of what the site has evolved into since it's beginnings last year.

Really it's just a move for the sake of having a zippier sounding name for the site, and a web address that is a little shorter and hopefully easier to remember. Bottom line it's a SEO move (he said as if he understood how search engine optimization worked). 

I put up a news bulletin thing here that you can check out which goes into a little more detail as to the reasons for the change. If, as I suspect, you do not care even a little bit, you can not click that link and go about your life. It's a free internet, you can do what you want, man.