Happy Easter

With today being Easter, I felt it appropriate to share this picture of my wife my mother-in-law sent me.

Dear sweet zombie Jesus, where does one even begin? I can't decide what the best part is. Is it the Easter Bunny's red, possessed demon eyes? Is it the oversized jean jacket?  The bowl cut/mullet combo that is just perfectly lopsided enough to prominently display some sort of random head wound is a pretty strong contender.

The yellow and white circus tent wallpaper behind them really pulls the scene together in just the right way to complete the nightmare aesthetic. Everything in this picture is point-for-point exactly what what you would expect a serial molester to pick out for some sort of creep wall vision-board in his basement.

 The longer I look at it the harder I laugh. I just can't decide who seems more likely to appear in a meth addicts fever dream hovering over their bed with a ball gag and a scalpel.

Candidate 1:

Or candidate two:

I honestly have nothing else to write about this. There is no post here, it just makes me so happy.

In the spirit of fairness, if I'm going to share this childhood horror of Emily, here is this little gem of me when I was a youngster. Apparently I was Sylvester the cat for Halloween one year.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day.