So I Convinced Someone to Marry Me...

On July 19th 2014, exactly one year ago from the official launch of this website,  I got married to the lady in the picture above. As the old folk saying goes: 

If you make it through the first year of marriage, you know everything there is to know about being married and have the authority to create a website about it.
— Countless mud covered peasants from the old country

Never one to defy the timeless wisdom of people from an undefined ancestral homeland, I decided I'd make a website dedicated to adventures in married life. Now you might be thinking something like "Look here you insufferable bag of chinchilla droppings, being married for one year doesn't win you any awards. Where do you get off getting on the internet and pretending like you've got any sort of credibility talking about these sort of things?"

Well firstly, easy buddy. There's no need for colorful name calling, we're all pals here. Secondly, you're absolutely right. Despite the direct contradiction to that quote I made up, I'm not any sort of expert nor do I pretend to be doing anything on this site more than sharing with you my journey as a newly married person going forward in life.

I like to write, and I like to do creative type things, and I don't get a ton of outlet for that in my day to day life. This site is a way for me to exercise that part of myself in a way that is both fun for me, and provides people with a little bit of entertainment.

As for the other portion of this site, Ask a Husband, that is a way for me to make running this site somewhat of a two way street. Rather than just firing my own thoughts and stories out over the internet at your face, I can create a platform for people to reach out to me as well. It might be for legitimate thoughts and advice on something, it might be for the sake of hearing my reaction to a situation, I sincerely hope it's not for the derivation of jollies from some sort of pervy advice columnist fetish, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Going forward it is my hope that this blog can be a source of entertainment and perhaps provide a bit of inspiration to others going through their own adventures in Husbanding or Wifeing.

For a more in depth explanation of the genesis of this site and my reasons for making it you can check out the blurb in the about section HERE

In preparation for the official launch of my site, I've prepared a little buffer of material that is scheduled to post over the next few days before things settle into a regular rhythm of updates. Please be sure to check back through the week for a handful of posts both here and in Ask a Husband. If stories about doing a terrible job fixing things, possibly becoming a sex offender, and being generally annoying to my wife seem interesting to you, you are in for a treat. Also, I don't remember off the top of my head, but there are probably at least three or four references to pooing sprinkled throughout the upcoming content.

I'll try to make announcements on Facebook and Twitter about new posts, so follow along there if you are interested in knowing when there is new stuff to come look at.

If you think others would enjoy this site as well, feel free to share via whatever medium you prefer. Facebook, twitter, and pinterest are all integrated into the site, but don't be afraid to get creative. Other ways you might share this site with someone include:

  • Email
  • Smoke Signals
  • Carrier Pigeon
  • Shouting the web address at a Walmart through a megaphone
  • Word of mouth
  • Hand written letter on stationary that has baby animals on it
  • Kidnap someones child and include the address of this site in your cut out newspaper ransom note.
  • Skywriting
  • Interpretive dance outside a strip mall

Just go crazy with it. The more the merrier I say!

PS #1: It was pointed out to me that I should have an RSS feed on here so that folksies can subscribe to receive regular notifications when I update content. Being the technological wizard that I am, I googled "How do I RSS feed." read a sweet tutorial and set one up. For your convenience, an RSS feed for both AiH and Ask a Husband are now set up and will appear at the bottom of each post.

PS #2: In case you are bad at understanding the concept of sarcasm, when I said I was a technological wizard before, I was lying through my lying face at you. My actual level of technological ability hovers somewhere right around the range where I can act like I'm totally tech savvy while secretly having to search google for things like "How to set up an RSS feed".

That being said, currently, I have commenting, liking, sharing, and subscribing via e-mail all enabled on each of these blog posts, though at the moment it seems things are formatted so that just going into the section of the site for the Chronicles or Ask a Husband brings you to some sort of overview page. In order to access the liking, commenting ect. you actually have to click on the title of a particular post.   

Until I ineptly fumble my way through fixing that, I just wanted to let folks know here that I will love you forever if you take the extra step of clicking the post title so that you can like, comment and share to help spread word of the site around (and also validate my existence).